BOOSTER Ultimate

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BOOSTER Ultimate

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The Booster U massage gun comes with revolutionary technology to provide a smooth and noise-proof relief from muscle stiffness and soreness. It is equipped with SmoothDrive technology to ensure relaxation in the most powerful yet the quietest way. Moreover, the 30 adjustable speed options for the touchscreen model gives you superior control over the device and can work up to 8 hours with the lowest gear and up to 2 hours while operating in the highest gear. The noise-reduction feature through a 24V brushless motor and the 7 different massage heads ensure accurate pressure on the knots and stiffness to enhance blood flow and ensure a splendid deep tissue massage anytime. Buy Percussion massage device in Australia

Your Booster U Massage Gun also comes with a carry case and 12 months warranty! Check this Best percussion massage device in Australia & New Zealand

lightning recovery


You can speed up your recovery time with a deep tissue massage always at your fingertips.

increase blood flow


The high-speed vibrations of the BOOSTER U Massage Gun increase blood flow to targeted areas.

reduce headaches


Consistent use can release the knots from repetitive stress, poor posture, or overworking.

increase health


Helps to alleviate muscle tension, decreasing stiffness and allowing for increased range of motion.

enhance performance


Use the BOOSTER U Massage Gun as a tool to enhance your performance and smash your athletic goals.

Booster Attachments

Impact level 5/10

Sphere Attachment

All purpose head perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups.

Impact level 8/10

Pound Attachment

The Pound is designed for a powerful percussive massage and is best on larger muscle groups.

Impact level 6/10

Divide Attachment

Great for targeting all of the back, as well as forearms and calves.

Impact level 10/10

Bullet Attachment

Perfect for targeting deep tension points, including hands and feet.

Impact level 5/10

Wedge Attachment

Ideal for shoulder blades. Helps increase blood flow and reduces tension when you need it the most.

Impact level 7/10

Thumb Attachment

The curved design is great for trigger points and the lower back.

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