Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can really benefit their bodies by using their own percussive therapy massage gun. With access to a handy, portable, massage gun device you will get the help you need with body recovery after you finish working out, muscle aches and soreness, and also pain relief.

Fitness trainers and amateur exercise practitioners should take the time now to wrap their heads around these enticing reasons to use a massage gun device and to be able to understand why their bodies will thank them for it later for it.

Perform Better in Your Workouts

Who doesn’t want to increase their endurance and performance during their future workouts when they are taking their health seriously?

Let the percussive therapy device of a massage gun enhance your workout and prepare your body for exercise with pre-workout usage that helps activate your muscles and extend your range of motion.

Before you start training, warm up your body. If needed, you can aim your massage gun on your feet and calves for dance class preparation. If needed, you can also use it on your entire body to give some much-needed relaxation to your back, shoulders, and hips. Get rid of the pain stemming from muscle spasms in your neck and feel the thrill of having a much more productive work-out without dwelling on pain.

Address Stress and Enhance Your Sleep

The power of a massage gun is that it is like being able to have an intense massage whenever you need it, wherever you need it. This is very helpful for relaxation, reducing stress, tension, and assistance when you are trying to sleep.

Even if you’re not sure how the device will help you feel less stressed, aches and pains will keep anyone up at night. So, it can’t hurt to try out your massage gun for percussive therapy before you head to bed to help soothe aches and pains so you can drift off to sleep a whole lot faster.

Intensity Beyond that of Massage Therapy

When it comes to workout recovery, percussive therapy devices are often compared to deep tissue massages because with the right device, you can send up to 60 pounds of force to massage the areas in need of some tender, love, and care.

The actual muscle recovery benefit of the massage gun comes from the force it generates creating heat in the muscle, where it is placed, causing the body to react to this with an increase of blood flow and nerve stimulation in that particular area.  

This response is part of what helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Percussive therapy also helps prevent the soreness you experience from lactic acid by-product. If you are wondering what this refers to, it is what causes the sore feeling to happen that can escalate during an intense workout session. Give yourself targeted relief in hard to reach places.

All things considered; it is ideal to purchase a massage gun instead of having to book an appointment every time the pain in your body starts acting up. What if your neck is on fire from stinging pain and the massage therapist that you call can’t see you for a session until the end of the week?

Not to mention the fact that when you are in pain, you still have to travel from your home to their physical location while maneuvering through traffic at whatever time they are available, sit in the waiting room, and endure all that pain when you could be working out instead.

Take advantage of the ability to sleep better, reduce stress related to aches and pains, and increase the endurance of your new workout by relaxing your muscles and getting your body soothed while you are in recovery mode.

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