We live in a culture of the HUSTLE. We celebrate those who push themselves to the limits. We idolize those who put in the work every single day, non-stop.

But the endless grind can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Do you quit then? No.


Now, imaging something that bring comfort and eliminate stiffness and soreness in your daily life, both physically and mentally while helps you to excel in your daily performance, whether it is work or life. We are here for you.

Our Mission

We are laser-focused on delivering world-class muscle healing solutions – while alleviating you from pain and full-body tightness. Since 2016, we’ve merged advanced research with development, and as a result, thousands around the world are enjoying the healing properties of Booster.

Our Founder loves serving people. More importantly, providing the people the very best solutions to their problems.

One of the main distresses he would repeatedly hear from his health academy’s clientele was the unbelievable amount of body ailments and muscle tightness they experienced living a desk-bound life and sports injury. Soon after, in 2016, BOOSTER Therapeutics Massager was born to cater home treatment.

Today all types of people from all kinds of backgrounds are enjoying the healing properties percussive therapy has brought them.

At BOOSTER, our goals is to provide the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good lifestyle. We believe that no matter what dreams you are chasing, taking good care of your physical body helps you to strive for the best.

We understand that with the hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, many of us don’t get the opportunity to have a full schedule of gym workout or exercise.

Founded and team up with experienced physiotherapists, chiropractors and gym trainers. Our product are carefully designed and tailored to help you to relieve your pain and help you to recover quicked in your lifestyle and work.

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