Do Massage Guns Help Sore Muscles?

Do Massage Guns Help Sore Muscles?

When it comes to ailments that can negatively impact a person’s day to day life and make things harder to achieve, it’s fair to say that sore muscles are definitely up there at the top of the list.


No matter where on your body you are sore, just the process of everyday movement means that you will probably have to use that sore muscle or muscle group multiple times per day, even per hour, and over time, this can become incredibly uncomfortable. Add exercise into the mix and biology says it is going to be even worse. Even regular rest and pain killers (over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed) are insufficient to repair and restore muscles back to pain-free working order, no matter your quality of health or level of fitness.

If you are looking for something that might be able to provide more effective day to day relief from your muscle pain, we recommends massage guns.

You might have seen them before but never used one, and if you are struggling with a particular area of your body then what better time than to try a new medical device. Do Massage Gun Help?


With all of this in mind, here are some of the many reasons why massage gun devices do work, and why and how they can help you to feel more pain-free, more often.


1. Prevent Injury With A Massage Gun

You should wait until you have a sore muscle or torn tissues to start treating yourself because the better and more effective way to do things is in a preventative manner. Evidence in many articles for athletes penned by therapists, medical personnel and athletes says the benefits of these devices are proven and real.

A massage gun can be helpful in this sense because if you get into a regular routine of using it daily and not just as part of your workout or fitness routine, you make your muscles and tissues healthier. They become easier to warm up reducing the risk of injuries and they also recover more quickly.

Muscle soreness occurs when a body part or group has been overused without the appropriate recuperation efforts, so using a massage gun at the same time every day is a great therapy to help your body reset and get ready to go all over again.

2. Use A Massage Gun For Vibrational Healing

The main selling point and unique advantage of massage guns is the power of vibrational healing.

The deep vibration therapy produced by the massage gun delivers something called percussive therapy massage, and this helps to improve blood circulation which in turn helps to produce more oxygen.

It’s pure science; the more oxygen you have circulating in your body, the better your muscles are going to work and the quicker and easier the recovery after a workout or other muscular trauma.

Massage guns are the best options for vibration therapy and increased blood flow at home. Percussive massage is one of the best forms of soft tissue physical therapy for patients.

3. Use A Massage Gun For Rehabilitation

Massage is one of the best and most effective forms of injury rehabilitation there is and massage guns are tools that make delivery of these healing powers easy. Using a massage gun will speed up the recovery process on any soreness and injury that you might have sustained, but it also helps to prevent any re-injury of the same muscle tissue and further muscle pain.

Think about how fast the vibrations of a muscle gun work; that is faster than any human hand can work, and that means that the process of using a gun is accelerated compared to hand massage as would be administered by a therapist.

Effectively, if you opt to use a massage gun on your sore and injured muscles, then your recovery and rehabilitation process will be much quicker from start to finish. From increasing blood circulation through vibration and percussive massage, a gun massager with various speeds is the ideal tool for better health and fitness.

4. Increase Lactic Acid Release With A Massage Gun

When the oxygen levels in your body are too low, it begins to compensate by turning newly formed lactate into energy. This turns into something called lactic acid, and it is lactic acid that is responsible for those horrible muscle cramps that you get when you engage in high-intensity exercise. You ideally need a better blood flow which means less lactic acid.

The science is in how massage guns work whereby their action releases the build-up of lactic acid and toxins in and around the susceptible muscle areas. Regular use of the massage gun can help to reduce your risk of lactic acid build-up that in turn will lead to things like soreness, bouts of debilitating muscle cramp and ultimately longer-lasting injury. This is of major benefit to athletes and those who follow a heavy workout schedule.

5. Increase Lymphatic Flow With A Massage Gun

One of the biggest benefits of a massage gun is that it is able to provide a deep tissue massage without too much effort. Something that used to only be available from trained masseuses, usually for a costly fee each time, is now readily available to you from the comfort of your own home, with the use of your own hands.

Along with increasing blood flow as we have already mentioned, research says the gun will also increase lymphatic flow, and this is important because lymph works remove toxins and waste from your body tissue.

If you can get the balance of your lymphatic system working optimally, then the healthy combination of good blood flow and good lymphatic flow will definitely help to keep your muscles and their connective tissues from getting too sore. Use a massage gun to achieve this.

6. Nervous System Activation

You might not know it, but your nervous system actually stimulates and regulates the activity of your muscles. Every single activity that your muscles undertake is notified by your nervous system, and using a handheld massage gun on a regular basis helps to stimulate the receptors of the nervous system.

The gun will release tension that is recognized by your nervous system and will eventually increase blood flow, and this will, in turn, help the muscles to relax which will reduce soreness and improve mobility.

If you have a trapped nerve or any other problem related to a nerve, then the percussion of a massage gun can help to relieve the nerve pain and improve your muscle performance even further irrespective of whether it impinges on your ability to exercise or not.

7. Relieve Stiffness With A Massage Gun Treatment

Muscles aren’t only hampered by soreness, they are also massively hampered by tight stiffness on occasion.


Stiffness usually occurs as a result of a muscle spasm that you have experienced due to the production of lactic acid that has already been discussed. A massage gun can come in handy when you want to very quickly get your circulatory and lymphatic system up and running at its best level again.

The massage gun applies pressure to the muscle's tight tendons and tight ligaments to help them become fully relaxed again without tension, and when they are fully relaxed, the painful cramp contractions and spasms are reduced and eliminated.

This also makes massage guns great tools for warmups before exercise or a workout. The muscle tissues are more prepared for the movements in a workout even if you do other warm-up exercises like stretches.

8. Break Up Scar Tissue With Massage Guns Treatment

One of the worst injuries that you can have related to muscles is anything that is being caused by scar tissue. If you have had a previous injury that healed in an unnatural way, then the collagen fibres in the muscle will be formed in a way that causes contrast stress and pain in that particular area.

This will have an intense negative impact on the elasticity of the muscle, and repeated stretching of it will only cause further discomfort unless you actively do something about it.

Using a massage gun will provide a really deep tissue pressure to the scar tissue, which will encourage the collagen fibres to break down and relieve the restriction that you are feeling. This, of course, will also relieve the pain that you have had as a result of the scar tissue.

Something to remember about this benefit of massage guns is that it isn't just for old sports injuries or a muscle injury; the same effects can be felt for anyone who has scar tissue from an old surgery too.

9. Improve Range Of Motion With Massage Guns Treatment

The overall deep tissue work that massage guns are able to provide for your muscles means that you will inevitably start to experience a greater range of motion over time.

When used consistently as part of a personal regular post-workout routine, massage guns could have a huge impact on how flexible you are, how good your circulation is, how relaxed your muscles are, and how resistant you become to picking up any further injuries later down the line. Essentially, your level of fitness should improve.

Of course, making sure that you consume all of the right nutrients, get the right medical attention, and follow all of the best tips along with these massage guns is so important.


Overall, it is clear to see just why massage guns are so popular and so well reputed when it comes to muscle recovery rehab articles. Massage guns are a really effective way to access a deeper, more consistent type of soft muscle help that years ago would only have been available to professional athletes who paid for a professional masseuse for better mobility. Research says that this kind of massage tool delivering vibration and percussion therapy can bring all the best benefits for circulation, performance and recovery.

The vast array of benefits of these massager guns all come together to offer a great option for muscle recovery stress that can be performed by yourself or someone else at home. Could massage guns work for sore muscles? When used appropriately and within the correct time frames, yes, they absolutely do.

You can be your own physical therapist and aid your recovery with these great tips, making sure that you have better fitness, wellness, health, nutrients and pain relief for many years to come.

Low cost, low risk, high level of positive results, multiple benefits - it all says you should invest in this device.

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