USING PERCUSSION MASSAGE TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY - Massage gun for lymphatic drainage

USING PERCUSSION MASSAGE TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY - Massage gun for lymphatic drainage

How our immune system works?

The immune system is complex and masterful in it’s protection of your body against infectious agents.  Around us constantly, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are our neighbors and we live with them in peace most of the time because of the immune system.  


A healthy immune system keeps the infectious agents from infecting your body by attacking the offenders before they can do any damage or set up residence in your body.  The recent pandemic has been an important reminder of how important your immune system is and how it is the most important ally you have to stay healthy.  Boosting your immune system with proper nutrients, rest, and body care are the best ways you can help yourself while practicing other hygienic options during any infectious season.

What is lymphatic?

A large proportion of the immune system resides in a channel of vessels called the lymphatics.  The lymphatic system is an extensive network of vessels and stations called nodes that carry white blood cells and lymph. Many of these vessels are superficial resting just under the skin and massage has a very positive impact on the movement of the lymph.  On the other hand, stagnant movement from lack of exercise, poor nutrition, dehydration, or limited physical touch on the body hinders the lymph and immunity.  This is why it’s so important to be active, eat a healthy diet, and get massage therapy treatment.  

However, the recent pandemic provisions created by states have limited massage therapy and some services such as chiropractic and exercise facilities.  Therefore, many people are struggling to stay healthy because their normal routines receiving massage, chiropractic, and exercise are absent.  Without them you may find yourself more susceptible to stress, injury, and infection.  But, you can make some changes to your daily health routine if you’re unable to get a massage or a chiropractic adjustment.  You can also focus on a healthier cleaner diet and get your exercise using more outdoor activities and less gym type exercises.  

How does Massage gun help with lymphatic drainage?

The BOOSTER Elite Massager can step in a fill a hole in your massage routine because you can do it on yourself or you and a spouse or partner can give eachother massages.  Using the Booster Elite for three to five minutes daily, you can target all the muscles in your body and also focus on treating your lymphatics.  When you give a massage just about anywhere on your body, you positively influence the movement of lymphatics.  However, among the most important areas to massage are the front of the chest near the heart, the groin, under the arms, the inner thighs, and back of the neck.  You can also massage the front of the neck and the head as well.  Booster Massage Gun can target the lymphatics and make sure the lymph is moving well and helping your immune system resist infection.  

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