Reviewing the Kmart Massage Gun

Reviewing the Kmart Massage Gun

Percussion massage technology has become an essential recovery tool for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, and newer devices are making vast improvements in precision, battery life, and affordability. Given renewed focus on daily health and wellness, 2022 may be the year Aussies permanently add this essential new recovery tech to their daily lives.

But thanks to growing demand for percussion therapeutics, the Australian market (in particular Amazon) has been flooded with cheap, unreliable, and unsafe knockoff products.


This $89 Kmart massage gun has got everyone talking

Kmart massager

A nifty massage gun released by Kmart has gone viral online for not only offering a budget alternative to more expensive models, but also providing everyone with a bit of a laugh.

The $89 massage gun comes with four different head attachments and five-speed settings for users to customise - and just to clarify, it is a massage gun for your body to help with muscle aches and pains.

Kmart Massage Gun

However, at the price of $89. The Kmart Massage Gun is a very entry level massager where it only vibrate on the surface of your muscle rather than doing deep tissue percussion massage.

It only bears a maximum battery life up to 3 hours when operating on the lowest speed setting and only last 45 minutes on the highest speed setting during our trial. It also comes with 4 different attachments which are still fair for the pricing. 

Unfortunately, if you had chronic back pain or deep tissue muscle pain, this device might not be a good fit for you since it onlys has 8mm stroke depth and stall power was only 6kg. Which means that it could easily halt and stopped if you slightly give it a push on yourself.


But worries not! 

Our Booster Pro pretty much double up whatever the Kmart Massager had to offered, with 8 different attachments, 6 hours of battery life, 12kg stall power and 12mm stroke depth. It is a great replacement if you think your Kmart Massage Gun is not getting the job done for you!

Booster Pro


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