massage gun is a hand-held massage tool that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles, similar to a deep tissue massage. It can be used on any muscle groups, particularly on the back and shoulders to relieve pain and improve posture.

A massage gun delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue, promoting better circulation. You can use to it target specific muscle groups and smaller trigger points that are particularly causing you pain. It’s so effective in helping the effects of DOMS, which makes it extremely popular with athletes.


Improves circulation

A massage gun works by stimulating the blood flow, which means your overall circulation should improve. This is not only helpful for muscle health and recovery, but you’ll maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body which allows your lungs and heart to function properly.

Helps to break down scar tissue

Tissue can scar due to injury which results in restricted movement. Breaking down scar tissue through deep tissue massage can relieve this, meaning the area  will be able to tolerate more stress and your movement will be a lot less restricted.

Enhances flexibility

Increased circulation in the muscles can result in enhanced flexibility. This is needed as it means you’ll be less prone to injury, be in less pain, and have generally improved performance.

Increases range of movement

Increased range of movement means your joints and muscles move and extend to their full range. The better your range of movement, the better your performance. This also means you’ll be less injury prone as you’ll be more likely to have correct form throughout a movement.

Eases sore muscles

After a tough workout, we all can suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) for the next 2 or 3 days. This is the time where your muscles are repairing themselves from the stress they were put under during training. Getting in a good massage helps to ease DOMS by repairing damaged muscle tissue a lot quicker.

Improves overall muscle health

With increased circulation and better flexibility, your muscles will be in better health. Having healthy muscles in general really gives you a better quality of life. You’ll find it easier to do every day activities when you’re less sore and more comfortable helping you keep up your daily routines and continue training as often as you like.


The BOOSTER Elite massage gun has 8 different attachment heads. Simply choose one of the attachments that feels the most comfortable for you, then place the gun on the desired muscle area and let the pulses do the work.

You can move the massage gun slowly around the muscle area in a circular motion and change the speed setting to suit your needs, with the highest speed reaching 3200 RPM. You can also move it in an up and down motion or side to side.

We recommend to not use directly on joints, bones or the neck except for the air cushion massage head which are allowed to be used on those areas.

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t spend too long on one area, we recommend that you spend a maximum of 6 minutes on each muscle area.

Pro tip: It can also be used on the soles of the feet to help treat plantar fasciitis!

If you’re looking for an affordable massage gun that stands out from the competition, invest in a BOOSTER massage gun today and feel the benefits immediately. Find out more and discover your best fit at the booster store.

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