Why Are Massage Guns The Latest Craze?

Why Are Massage Guns The Latest Craze?

A personal, portable masseuse might have once been reserved for the rich and famous, but it’s now a mainstream luxury. Affordable and effective, massage guns are an easy-to-use tool designed to relieve sore, post-workout muscles and accelerate recovery.

Massage guns work by delivering rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue, mimicking the magical hand movements of a traditional masseuse but at a fraction of the long-term cost. This technique is known as percussive or vibration therapy, which helps increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, reducing inflammation and muscle tension. The guns can also used before an intense workout to help warm-up muscles.

Massage guns produce similar results to myofascial massaging tools, such as foam rollers, but have the added ability to hyper-target a specific problem area. They are also a more comfortable and convenient option.

When the muscle gun first entered the market, it was an aspirational product, used by elite athletes and celebrities. Now, the same muscle-melting results are more accessible with numerous products available at a friendlier price point.

The BOOSTER PRO Massage Therapy Gun is one such product. It includes eight massage head attachments, allowing you to customize your massage and reach every muscle, from your neck to your feet and everything in between. With 30 intensity levels and one-button control, you can easily adjust the speed of your massage – from 400 to 1600 or 3200 pulses per minute within seconds – to suit your needs. It’s also lightweight, features cordless operation and will run for up to eight hour from full charge, so you can pop it in your gym bag for ultimate convenience. At under $250, the massager is a whole lot cheaper than paying a professional time and time again.

Booster PRO Massage Gun

For a middle of the range option, check out the BOOSTER U Percussion Massager. It delivers high-tech percussion therapy to target relieve common muscle pain and stiffness. This is a great option for those who want to enhance their pre-workout warmups or accelerate post-workout recovery or you may just want it for general aches and pains, that's okay too! With thirty intensities and seven interchangeable attachments you can customize your massage to meet your needs. It's rubber grip makes it easy to handle and its cordless use makes it convenient to use anywhere and anytime! 


The BOOSTER ELITE Massage Gun is a premium model, featuring seven intensity levels that can offer up to 3200 pulses per minute. It has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to hold and operate, and there are eight interchangeable massage heads to help target specific muscle groups. And what’s in a name? The all-important smart pressure sensor system harnesses the benefits of artificial intelligent monitor– which help to identify the stroke force and pressure to prevent stall, over massaging and incorrect positioning while help to dilate blood vessels, promote blood flow and reduce inflammation. The quiet, deep-tissue massager also boasts 24 hour of cordless run time and the long, ergonomic handle means those aching hard-to-reach back muscles are covered. Better yet, it comes with a year warranty. Say goodbye to those stiff joints and tight muscles!


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