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Massage Gun Charger
Lost your Massage Gun charger? Worries not!You can get your replacement here!  Delivered to your home so you can pump juices back to your buddy!Please note that there are 2 different chargers. If you had the BOOSTER PRO it requires a 25.2V charger. The BOOSTER U and ELITE use the 16.8V charger. Our chargers also support charging other brand massage gun, however please pick your Voltage carefully. (you can tell what voltage your massager requires by looking at the bottom base of it)
Massage Head Attachments
from $20.00
Our Stainless Steel Massage Head Attachments are practical and compact. The orthopedic massager head is small in size, cost-effective, easy to use, and can be directly rinsed with water. Small and portable, it is convenient for you to carry with your massager at any time.
Booster Pro Battery
The Booster Pro Battery features lithium-ion technology rechargeable battery for extended battery life with a run time up to 360 minutes.Perfect for extended period of treatment use and remote use when travelling, outdoors or at the gym.Compact and high performance, it is only suitable for the Booster Pro model massage gun.
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