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Booster Pro Massage Gun

Revamp your self-care time with the Booster Pro that is exclusively created to promote pain relief and relaxation. It uses high-quality ABS material and advanced technology that considerably reduces the noise by controlling the vibration and is provided with soft silicone handles for a pleasant yet firm grip. The LCD screen can be used to monitor the battery level of the device.

It comes with a high-grade 2500mAH rechargeable lithium battery that takes only 90 minutes to be fully charged to work up to 6 hours without interruption. The eight replaceable heads with 30 adjustable modes work perfectly to provide relief from any stiffness or soreness.

The Booster Pro Massager is equipped with sophisticated brushless motor technology ensures that it operates near inaudibly, and with minimal external vibration. Offering impressive power and speed coupled with a gentle touch, the Booster is set up to provide you with a deep tissue massage session that soothes the body and calms the mind. Equipped with 2500mAh high-quality lithium battery, so it can keep working about 4 to 6 hours after per charge.

Features you will fall in love with the Booster Pro Massage Therapy Gun:

Strong output with up to 3200 RPM allowing for a deep muscle activation along with its industrial-grade motor exerts up 45 lbs. of force.

Military Precision Engineering Ensures a 45 dB low noise experience with the brush-less motor and quiet glide noise reduction technology. It is great to keep the strength levels under the super quiet condition.

Interactive LCD touch screen display. ABS( Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ) industrial quality material is used to reduce vibration and noise output with soft and pleasant to touch silicone handle which effectively reduces the odds of slipping from your hands. LCD Screen with battery capacity indicator on the bottom of the handle so you can track your battery level.

8 attachments allowing you to target every muscle group with precision.

No more guns dying in the middle of treatment. This percussion massager was built with a high-quality lithium rechargeable battery of 2500 mAh which takes only 90 minutes to be fully charged and works up to 6 hours.

30-speed settings for a tailored response to each muscle

Comes complete with carrying case and charger

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The Benefits Of Having a Massage Gun?

Relieves Muscle Tension

Regulates Blood Circulation

Improves Flexibility

Pre-Training Warm-Up

Convenience - Relieve your muscles at any time.

The Science Behind The Magic

The BOOSTER Massage Gun was engineered to provide your body with an increase in blood circulation, to enhance deep tissue massages wherever you may be, at the gym, at work or the exceptional comfort of your own home.

Booster Attachments

Impact level 5/10

Sphere Attachment

All purpose head perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups.

Impact level 8/10

Pound Attachment

The Pound is designed for a powerful percussive massage and is best on larger muscle groups.

Impact level 6/10

Divide Attachment

Great for targeting all of the back, as well as forearms and calves.

Impact level 10/10

Bullet Attachment

Perfect for targeting deep tension points, including hands and feet.

Impact level 5/10

Wedge Attachment

Ideal for shoulder blades. Helps increase blood flow and reduces tension when you need it the most.

Impact level 7/10

Thumb Attachment

The curved design is great for trigger points and the lower back.

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